Document Archiver

Archive all your documents in a consistent way, which enables you to retrieve them later fast and easy.


The challenge

Does your document archive look somewhat messy like this?

Messy document archive

How about it would look rather tidy like this?

Tidy document archive

About Document Archiver

We all store different kind of documents (office documents, miscellaneous types of PDFs, Images, Audio-Files, etc.) on our systems.

The challenge here is to find a consistent approach which will help us to retrieve the documents later in a fast and easy way.

Traditionally many people tend to establish some kind of folder structure on their storage space, which will then hold documents by a topic, a year, or whatever seems to fit.

However, this approach comes with various problems:

  • It often leads to a clutter of heterogeneous folder arrangements (over time one finds that another subfolder is needed at some place - and already consistency is broken).
  • It may lead to duplicates (Have you spotted the duplicate in the example above? The document "damage on car 09_14_2020 photo for insurance.jpg" is stored in a folder "car" and also in a folder "SecureInsurance LTD". This easily happens when documents would be "right" in both places. Anyhow with archiving duplicates should be avoided by all means.).
  • It can be complicated to find things later if the naming of the files is not top-notch (In which folder did one store a certain document?).

Document Archiver is inspired by the project "PDF Archiver" (, which utilizes a consistent way to store PDF files in a defined folder structure and by using a fixed file naming pattern. This application picks up this core idea and makes it available for all document types and on all mayor platforms. Thanks to Julian Kahnert for agreeing to build on his great work!
(Pro tip: You can use Document Archiver and PDF Archiver in parallel on the same underlying archiving folder. See here.)


Documents will be archived in this manner:

└── ~/Documents/DocumentArchiver
    └── #Filetype#
        └── #Year#
            └── #Date#--#Description#__#Tags#.#Suffix#

  • Date[-Time]: yyyy-MM-dd or yyyy-MM-dd-HH-mm-ss
    Date (and - if requested - time) of the document content.
  • Description: --invoice
    Meaningful description of the document.
  • Tags: __car_insurance
    Tags which will help you find the document in your archive.


Retrieving back documents is as easy as pie.

Using your file manager

Search by date: Search by date
Search by description: Search by description
Search by tags: Search by tags

Using Documents Archiver's very own Archive Browser

Search by description and tag: Archive Browser

Download (current version: 2.2.0)

Document Archiver is open source software (free to use) and can be downloaded in two ways.

Installer package including Java Runtime

The "nice and easy" option for those who would like to install the application on their system and don't want to deal with things like setting up Java or executing commands on the command line.

Downloads: [LINUX] -or- [MACOS] -or- [WINDOWS]

The installer files were created with install4j, kindly supplied by ej-technologies GmbH.

install4j logo

The Windows installer package is not code-signed (Why? Just because the required code signing certificates are expensive and Document Archiver does not yield any profits.). Anyhow it is safe like the both other packages. You just have to tell Windows to keep the downloaded file (in the appearing dialog choose "Show more -> Keep anyway") and unblock it afterwards like described here.
The MacOS installer package is code-signed and notarized by Apple; Linux doesn't check for code-signing.

ZIP file (Java must be installed)

If you already have Java on your system, don't feel like installing and don't fear the command line, you can download one of the following ZIP files (and furthermore save some MBs on your storage).

You must have Java (minimum version 11) installed on your system. Not sure? Check on your command line with:

java --version

Downloads: [LINUX] -or- [MACOS] -or- [WINDOWS]


cd document-archiver-2.2.0-linux/
cd document-archiver-2.2.0-mac/
:: Extract ZIP file (for example with Windows Explorer) ::
cd document-archiver-2.2.0-win/

Love it?

If you love Document Archiver and would like to support its further development, every little support is appreciated 🙏🏻😊

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